Packing Advice For An Easy Move

moving house and packing advice, perfect metaphor via this famous quote

Perfect Metaphor To Help You When Moving Home

We love this quote from the Chinese Philosopher LAO TZU as it offers a great metaphor for an easy move.

Most rooms can take up to two days to pack, yet in some cases you also have to do other ‘tasks’ such as repair works, paint, or replacing used or old items before moving.

It is essential to also remember that you do not need to pack your whole house in a single week! Packing is boring for many people – it takes a great deal of time. Having a clear out and de-cluttering while you go, is a vital part of relocating, here are a couple of pointers that can help during the process.

Clear out your largest wardrobes & cupboards first – you could keep boxes as well as various other packed items in there. Pack the items that you will not need immediately – it might appear obvious, however packing up your winter months garments in summer, or doing away with your leisure activity stuff stored at the bottom of your wardrobe is a must.

It means you’re not living out of boxes for the duration of your packing, and also it additionally indicates that you’ll be able to store those boxes.

It is necessary to keep in mind though that packing up your things can sway nostalgia, thus adding time to the task at hand. So packaging could take a while, but bear in mind, if you’re organized and write the correct destination of your boxes while packaging, your unpacking will not take almost as long.

If you still find the thought of packing up your home ready for your move overwhelming, break the task down into bite size pieces. Focus on one room at a time and pack one box at a time. Failing that, why not treat yourself to a full pack and move by the professionals here at U Need A Van Removals.



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