Terms & Conditions

Parking, Tolls and Congestion Zones

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure adequate/legal parking is provided at each end of their move. If permits, suspended parking bays etc are required the customer must make the necessary requirements to ensure fines are not incurred. If entering into/through tolls or congestion zone areas, the appropriate charge will be added to the final bill. Any fines incurred as a direct result of overlooking this matter will be added to the final bill and settled by the customer on the day.

Confirmation / Payment

Removals are only confirmed once written notification (email) has been received and a minimum deposit of 25% taken. Deposits are to be made via Debit Card or Credit Card. The remaining balance is to be made before or on the day of the removal with cleared funds, i.e. Cash or Debit Card/Credit Card (for either deposit or final payment). Bank transfers of the entire amount can only be made via prior arrangement with ourselves.

Cancellations / Rescheduling

It is the customer’s responsibility to provide sufficient notice (minimum 48 hours) if they wish to reschedule or have to cancel a confirmed booking. We must advise that once a deposit has been taken it is a legally binding contract between ourselves and the customer, therefore all deposits are non-refundable.

Breakages / Damage

Any items of value must be pointed out prior to moving and protected accordingly as additional insurance may be required. We will not be held responsible for any damages to items that haven’t been correctly wrapped or packed by ourselves. In the unlikely event of damage occurring to items packed or wrapped by ourselves; Our Insurance will cover this. For our customer’s peace of mind, U Need A Van Removals are fully insured with Public Liability, Goods in Transit & Removals Insurance. Please note: We will not be accountable for anything not mentioned within 24 hours of the move.

Work Exclusions

Due to Health and Safety, we will not move boxes over 25kg. Should any of your boxes, crates or cases exceed this weight, we will advise you to repack them.

For our Health and Safety, we do not work in attics/lofts. We also reserve the right to refuse to operate in basements, sheds, garages, barns or outhouses if any factors may prevent our work from being undertaken safely. Any implications not pointed out at the time of booking or prior to the job commencing will result in additional charges being applied and/or the job being rescheduled or cancelled.


Our normal working day is between 9.30am and 4pm Monday to Saturday. Sundays are arranged on an individual basis only. Should any job involve working outside of these normal hours, it will be priced accordingly. Should there be any event that causes a delay in our normal working day, not advised prior to the booking commencing i.e. waiting for keys or waiting for the previous occupants to move out. (Please note; 1 Hour of key waiting is included in all moves). However, an additional charge of £60 per hour will be applied and require settling on completion of the job.

Volume of Items

As all of our moves are fully insured, the overall volume of items to be moved on the day dictates the price of your removal, therefore, should any additional items (not mentioned at the time of booking) be required to be moved on the day, may incur further charges applied at a rate of £60 per hour.


Unless agreed at the time of booking that we are undertaking a ‘packing’ or ‘dismantling’ service, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they are completely prepared and ready to be moved. All items are to be packed and correctly sealed in appropriate packing boxes, crates or strong bin bags. Please ensure that all boxes are taped securely at both ends.

Please advise at the time of booking if your items may need to be dismantled or if any special instruction is required. Any items that are not appropriately packed or dismantled will not be removed from the property an additional charge of £60 per hour maybe made if we have to correctly prepare these items. Should any boxes, crates or packages not be clearly labelled as to their desired destination, they will not be taken above ground floor level.


It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all items being moved, fit into/out of your properties.

Additional charges will be incurred should any windows or doors need to be removed at the property, or if any form of dismantling is required. Should any windows need to be removed, a further appointment will be necessary and additional will be incurred from ourselves and approved glazier/window fitter.

Unless agreed at the time of booking, we will not move any items across gardens unless there is a specific/safe pathway to use.

Access Cont.

It is the customer’s responsibility to advise us of any factors that may impede our service being undertaken, these may include but are not limited to: lifts being out of order, skips being delivered / picked up, roadworks, traffic restrictions, broken or uneven pathways, long/narrow or difficult walkways, access via fire escapes, scaffolding or building work being undertaken, parked vehicles (authorised or not), other people working within the property.

Covering of Floors / Surfaces

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure any floors or surfaces are covered/protected within each property. Due to Health and Safety, we do not remove footwear when carrying items into or out of properties. If new carpets or floors have been fitted / professionally cleaned prior to our work commencing, this must be pointed out at the time of the booking.

Our Rights to Refuse Carriage

We have the right to refuse any load/job that we feel is unsuitable or not accurately specified at the original time of booking. We have the right to cancel, cease or not undertake any job where verbal or physical abuse is shown to any members of our staff.