Internal Furniture Moves In Ipswich

U Need A Van Removals sprung into action yesterday to solve an internal removal issue here in Ipswich. Having had several attempts with the help of friends and family, trying to get a large sideboard up to the first floor. Had no choice but to seek the help of local experts in the removal business.

Need An Internal Furniture Move in Ipswich?

Call us for a fast response and solution if the following testimonial from Robin of Ipswich, matches your current predicament.

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  • Been trying unsuccessfully to move a large, long, heavy sideboard, up to the second floor (it’s a town house) navigating round banisters and low ceilings…several failed attempts later with friends and family! I gave UNEEDAVAN a call after reading a few of the testimonials to see if they had any ideas or if what I thought was my next best solution, they could put it through the window on the 1st floor if we removed the window and bought in some lifting gear. The guys were very understanding of my problem, volunteered to come round and have a look, same day, and had a go at taking it up the stairs there and then. I’m pleased to say they managed to take it up the stairs…..where so many had failed before them. Great job…nothing to small (even though it was large), great service and highly recommended.



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